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We are one husband-wife Team, united for Christ. We have different and special areas of anointing, skill, and education. 

Please choose from the options below to get exactly what you are seeking for. If you have any questions, please contact us at 

Team Taylor ~ Ronald & Chara Taylor

Ronald Taylor Services

For classes with Ronald Taylor, choose below from the following topics: 

  • Theology & Apologetics Classes (Learn to Defend the Faith)

  • Grief Classes

  • Financial Stewardship Classes 

Chara Taylor Mental Health & Wellness Services

For classes with Chara Taylor, choose below from the following topics: 


  • Sexual Health and Wellness As You Age

  • Hot & Holy Fitness and Sexiness Dance Classes

  • Sex Education & Bedroom Liberties for Married Couples

  • Wives Group - Loving the Imperfect Man

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Please complete this initial contact form to let us know who you are seeking services with and the type of service you are seeking. 

Then, below, select your package below to pay.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to your submission form. You have the option to pay after you've heard back from us. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at 

Ronald Taylor Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Theology & Apologetics Classes


Per Month

12-month Program to Learn How to Defend the Faith When Dealing with Atheists 

Learn How To Study the Bible in Context

Learn the study of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Church, Sin, Salvation, End Times, Angels, Demons, Humanity

Group Classes or Individual

Certificate of Completion At End of Program

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Grief Classes


Per Session

Pay As You Go / Pay As You Need

1 hr session

Understanding the Stages of Grief

Learn How to Grieve Vs. Allowing Grief to Overcome You

Ongoing help from point of hospice up to 12 months after burial. 

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Financial Stewardship Classes


Per Month

9 Month Term to Get You Established and Efficient

1 hr session

Understanding Budgeting

Creating a Budget Plan to Get Out of Debt

Learning About Investments

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Chara Taylor Service Prices 

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Wives Group - Loving the Imperfect Man


12-Week Study

$85 if you do not have the book 

1st & 3rd Tuesday 

From the book, "Loving the Imperfect Man"

Loving Husbands from Biblical Perspective

On Zoom 

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Hot & Holy Fit & Sexy Dance Class


Per Month

Wives Holding Each Other Up & Accountable 

1.5 hour sessions


Dancing Away the Pounds

Safe, Healthy Bedroom Tricks & Tips 

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Sexual Wellness & Sexual Education Classes 


To Hold Your Spot

Individual or Group Session on Zoom

1 hr session

Sex As You Age

Focus on Wellness, Health, & Body

What's Allowed In the Christian Bed

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What our customers are saying

Mrs. Chara has been a great influence in my life. She has stood beside me in my hardest time she has coached and mentored me through the hard times in my marriage and everyday life. Mrs. Chara is an amazing person with a beautiful soul.

~M. Grant

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