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Upcoming Events for Team Taylor

Hot & Holy Wives Dance Classes

$30.00 per month, weekly meetings, special gift each month - Registration required

Our Recent Work

Ronald's Teachings

Defending The Faith

Join Bishop as he expounds on how to defend the faith. 

Chara's Teachings

The Importance of Sexual Frequency in Marriage

Join Pastor Chara as she shares on the importance of maintaining sexual frequency in marriage. 

Our Story ~ Why Work with Team Taylor?

We've loved every minute of our journey

The Beginning of Team Taylor

Our story is not very unique but it is ours. We met and married all within six months. He proposed 10 days after our first date. We've always been inseparable from day one. Our love for God and for each other led us to solidify our feelings and commitment to one another in holy matrimony. Just as fast as we said "I Do" is as fast as we were challenged. We have experienced financial struggles, lack, poverty, homelessness, sickness, in-law struggles, emotional infidelity, and many more trials that were sent to tear us apart. They did not separate us naturally, but we did experience a season of passion-less, unaffectionated, dead-like love. We were existing and functioning in obligation but not in romantic love.  However, with God on our side, hope, determination, much prayer, and hard work of counseling and becoming friends again, we learned how to Awaken Love. God tool our love a step further and taught us how to Keep Our Marriage Hot & Holy. We passionately help other couples break out of the cycles that stagnate marriage and show how to effectively enjoy one another, enjoy marriage, and the benefits of marriage. 

The Journey

Team Taylor Ministries serves couples and families. We mentor married couples and engaged couples. We mentor children and young adults. Our goal is to help the entire family be one unit. 

Our three-point marital focus on connection, conversation, and consummation is guaranteed to save marriages. Our goal is not to just save marriages but to see couples completely restored to one another with passion and absolute desire. 

We have held marriage retreats, in-person and virtual date nights, marriage boot camps, mentoring, and coaching. We have podcasts on all major podcast outlets, a growing YouTube channel, social media presence on all major social media platforms, and television presence on Team Taylor TV and Family Movies channel on ROKU TV. 

We believe in marriage! God wants to save your marriage! We are here to help!

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