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Married? Don't Stop KISSING!!! Check out the benefits...

Deep passionate kisses are one of the first things to stop in marriage when life begins to bring challenges. Couples go from deep passionate kisses to barely "pecking" to say good-bye or hello. There are too many benefits to kissing for us to stop or to be lackadaisical in our kissing connection.

Check out the link to get some tools and insight on the importance of kissing. Your spouse will thank you and so will your own body!

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Aug 30, 2023

I LOVE kissing! I can only speak for my husband - which he also enjoys...however I think most husbands just like to get right to it especially as we they older. Slowing down as we get older to me is SO passionate especially starting with kissing ON purpose...EVERYWHERE!


Anthea Seraphin-Porter
Anthea Seraphin-Porter
Aug 26, 2023

This is awesome. Kissing is such an intimate and playful act that married couples can do. Must say it’s one of my favorites along with holding hands.

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